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Academic department's


To be one of the primary contributors to nation building through maritime education.

To produce competent seafarers and become a premier maritime institution recognized for excellence.

To help our clients fulfill their dreams and leave an indelible legacy to the lives we touch.


The core of our existence is embedded in our Vision, Mission and Goal. Consequently, our curriculum and its components shall undergo processing as required in the ISO 9001:2015. In similar fashion, we shall conscientiously comply to Reg. 1/6 and 1/8 of STCW ’78, as amended;

We shall ensure timely updating of our curriculum. Aware that education is an ever evolving technology, our program delivery shall adhere to the latest methods of learning delivery.

To summarize, we shall exert all effort to ensure we are fit for the purpose and meet our objectives, which are,

  1. To produce competent seafarers as per A-II/1 and relevant sections of A-II/2, and A-III/1 and relevant sections of A-III/2 of the STCW ’78, as amended.
  2. To produce graduates as per Sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4b of CMO 67, S.2017.
  3. To produce graduates as per PQF level 6; and,
  4. To produce seafarers imbued with discipline as defense against the inherent risks of shipboard



(Quality, Education, Service)


The Basic Education Department caters a transformative basic education among its clienteles endowed with Lantinian spirit that braces the ideals and values of a global DCLC.


To provide a comprehensive education that ensures an adamant progress among creative, competent and cognizant learners responsive to international standards.


To attain its Mission and Vision, Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College - Basic Education Department commits to preparing students in raging the world of learningthereby producing quality graduates who are life-winners.


In keeping with the vision-mission of DCLC, the school aims:

To build a stronger edifice of excellent and quality service among students and stakeholders through rendering a standard-based teaching and learning process.

To ensure effective learning delivery by incorporating dynamic teaching pedagogies and establishing comprehensive instructional materials in achieving sound academic performance.

To establish a gender-sensitive and school-friendly learning environment among students conducive to continuous development of all the members of the institution.



The Business Administration Department of Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College shall be one of the distinguished providers of business education that can produce globally competitive graduates.


To produce competent Business Administration graduate equipped to work in a different industries suited to their chosen major.


The Business Administration Department is committed to provide excellent Business education to prepare individuals effectively within the environment.


To produces graduates consistently act in professional, respectful, honest, fair, and responsible manner.
To develop a competitive faculty through continuous education and training and provides updated educational materials and services to ensure effective performance and delivery of services.

Commitment to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System



The Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College of Nursing envisions itself to be one of the country’s top - tier nursing institutions in education, practice , and service.


DCLC - College of Nursing is committed to produce skilled and principled health care individuals responsive to the health needs of people and communities.


DCSLC-CON: Our primary job is to fulfull that primal need of students for learning and creating engaging and relevant learning experience every day that they are with us. We challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. We want to take students at different levels and see them develop together for the betterment of each individual and their community. We continuously motivate them to experience repeated learning success.


The Goal of DCLC - College of Nursing is to produce skilled and principled health care individuals responsive to the health needs of people and communities. Thus, at the end of the specific year level, all nursing students shall achieve a specific level of knowledge, skills and values, application and degree of independence.

First Year : At the end of the first year, given simulated situations in selected settings, the learners demonstrate basic nursing skills in rendering safe and appropriate care utilizing the nursing process.

Second Year : At the end of the second year , given a normal and high risk care and Newborn , child, family, communities and population groups in any health care setting, the learners demonstrate safe, appropriate and
holistic care utilizing the nursing process.

Third Year : At the end of the third year, given individuals, families, population groups, and communities with physiologic and psychosocial health problems and maladaptive patterns of behavior in varied health care settings , the learners demonstrate safe appropriate and holistic care utilizing the nursing process and applying research and evidence – based practice.

Fourth Year : At the end of fourth year, given groups of clients( individuals, families, population groups, and communities with health problems and special needs, the learners demonstrate safe, appropriate and holistic care utilizing the nursing process and can assume first level entry positions in any field of nursing.


DCLC Customs Administration Department shall be recognized as one of the top provider of quality education in regards with the study of import, export and international trade laws.

DCLC Customs Administration Department is committed to produce globally competitive, honest and God-Fearing Customs Brokers.

DCLC Customs Administration Department goal is to educate and prepare the next generation customs brokers to effectively meet the needs of our country.


DCLC Customs Administration Department shall produce Professional Customs Brokers by:

  1. Offering effective curricula
  2. Engaging students in doing researches and creative activities
  3. Facilitating a continuing professional development of faculty, staff and students



The Department of Teacher Education of Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College envisions to be recognized as one of the institutions that produce competent, dedicated, and compassionate teachers.


To develop and produce competent educators who are dedicated in improving the quality of education through lifelong learning.


The Department of Teacher Education is designed to provide quality education through an innovative approach that nurture students in becoming professional teachers who are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century teaching and learning.


  • Prepare students to perform well on the Licensure Examination for Teachers.
  • Produce quality students who are ready to face the challenges in the field of education through the department’s compliance on the Outcome-Based Education.
  • Ensure that students are receiving the quality education that they deserve through systematic monitoring on the teaching and learning process.
  • Develop students’ self-esteem and confidence by providing variety of assessments that will focus on the different multiple intelligences of the students.



To emerge as one of the country’s leading schools of distinction in Hospitality Management Program towards ASEAN integration.


DCLC Hotel and Restaurant Management Department shall continuously provide quality education by honing intellectual, well-skilled and morally upright graduates to become prime contributors in the Hospitality Industry and to serve with a holistic valuable purpose for the community.


The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management graduates shall be able to apply theoretical knowledge into practice and express full interest to the program particularly in their chosen field of specialization.

BSHRM graduates shall be updated with the Hospitality Industry actual operations through exposures and immersions to further enhance their acquired knowledge and skills from the institution. They can also show potentials for future career opportunities and more so, graduates will be able to compete in the global field by providing quality service enlightened with social responsibility in every sector of the service industry.


- Design, implement and provide effective medium educational instructions.
- Promote the welfare of students by identifying the needs and providing opportunities for solutions to problem areas in their fields of specialization.
- Provide exposure for significant activities to hospitality industry such as Educational Tours, Seminars and Immersions.
- Implement training programs that are updated with the required number of hours for an in-depth and valuable learning experience.
- Inculcate values and work ethics as essential factors in socio-economic development career opportunities.
- Adopt the essential industry-driven knowledge and skills in general education, business and tourism core, and specialized subjects for the students to become globally competitive in managing and operating effectively, efficiently and profitably in the different enterprises in various sectors that comprise the hospitality industry and;
- Develop competitive skills in applying basic and advance techniques in performing prescribed range of specific functions in the areas of Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage, Front Office, and Housekeeping Operations as required in accommodation and food and beverage enterprises, and for professional success.


The Liberal Arts Department educating students with new trends and approaches in the field of psychology suited to the modern community.

The Psychology graduates perform their tasks with principles and tconfidence to serve local and global Community.

Inculcate theoretical and practical applications of the program, provide comprehensive and practical approaches facilitating the acquisition of necessary skills and knowledge that will produce graduates with solid and comprehensive psychological knowledge and skills.

Aims to provide students with solid foundation on the major areas of Psychology which may also be used as preparation for further studies and training in particular specializations of Psychology or other professions such as education, law, and medicine.

Inculcate comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge among our graduates.

Become a productive graduates in our society.


The Department of Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science of Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College will serve as the center of the institution in the field of Laboratory Medicine highly committed to achieve the highest standards of Medical Technology education and practice locally and globally.

The mission of the Department of Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science Program at the Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College is to develop and maintain a comprehensive and competitive educational program for future medical technologists /medical laboratory scientists. These well-trained scientists should be knowledgeable, highly skilled and ethical, prepared to practice as competent and competitive health professionals and to contribute to the changing field of laboratory medicine and its practice.

Offer a sustainable curriculum that meets current and emergent educational and professional trends and needs of medical technology / medical laboratory science students.

Identify and partner with clinical laboratory affiliates, training centers, community extension program and research in providing exceptional training opportunities for medical technology / medical laboratory science students.

Provide a holistic learning experience rich in opportunities that maximize a student’s potential to attain entry-level medical technologists / medical laboratory scientist competencies and standards.

Graduate well qualified medical technologists / medical laboratory scientists prepared to meet the workforce needs of Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College and the nation.

Contribute to the ongoing development of the Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science pedagogy and growth of the laboratory science profession.

Provide innovations for advancements in the field of Laboratory Medicine specifically in Medical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology Education.

Evaluate approaches for implementation of program for Medical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology students to acquire utmost skills, knowledge and attitude.

Prepare Medical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology students to be highly competitive professionals in the future.



The Department of Physical Therapy aspires to be one of the country’s leading institution in producing a well-rounded PT professionals.


To commit in providing the nation a well-equipped individual, inculcated with moral values needed in a modern and dynamic society.


The Department of Physical Therapy aims to produce physical therapists who are well-rounded to fulfill professional responsibilities in the following to contribute to the development of the nation:

Patient and client care in various settings for different populations
Education of individuals and groups in broad spectrum of clientele
Administration and management of physical therapy programs, institutions and facilities, including private practice and delivery home health care services
Lifelong learning for the development of the professional
Health promotions
Advocacy for the advancement of the profession
Community service and development
Consumer of research

The general objective of the Physical Therapy Program is to prepare the students to practice the physical therapy professions mainly to contribute to the nation’s workforce and progressively to global needs. The graduates of the program are expected to:

  1. Become licensed physical therapist in the Philippines
  2. Demonstrate clinical competency in evaluation, treatment planning and implementation integrating knowledge of basic sciences and physical therapy in order to modify treatment approaches that reflects the breadths and scope of PT practice.
  3. Actively recognize the rights and dignity of individuals in planning and administering programs of care in ethical and legal manner.
  4. Identify and contribute to the aims and ideas of the profession to be able to function competently in any health care setting.
  5. Integrate the use of basic principles of research in critical analysis of concepts and findings generated by self and others
  6. Contribute to the aims and ideals of the profession
  7. Function as a competent physical therapist in all fields expected upon them
  8. Practice in an ethical, moral, legal manner with integrity and dignity
  9. Demonstrate command of knowledge which is necessary to function as an independent problem solver and learner in the practice environment



DCLC-RT aims to be one of premiere leader of innovative and integrated radiologic technology education in the country by providing quality education.


The Mission of Radiologic Technology Program is to produce graduates who are dedicated and exceptional healthcare providers in the medical imaging community.

Compassion. Equality. Service


  • Resilience
  • Accountability
  • Dedication
  • Teamwork
  • Equality
  • Compassion
  • Hospitality


  1. Program will improve national passing percentage to 50% for the next 3 years.
  2. Program will maintain affiliation with existing affiliated centers in Metro Manila.
  3. Students will be taught and made aware of the importance of proper communication skills.
  4. Students will be taught how to develop critical thinking skills through correlation of didactic and clinical criteria.
  5. Professionalism and ethics will be emphasized in all aspects of students' education.
  6. Students will be taught radiography and patient care skills that will allow them to practice competently.
  7. Provide the radiography industry with qualified graduates who can meet the qualifications of entry level positions.
  8. Maintain equal opportunity admissions procedures.
  9. Maintain curriculum based on Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College's philosophy and goals.
  10. Maintain educational standards that meet the technology and appeal of the current market.
  11. Maintain procedures for course and program improvement.
  12. Maintain faculty hiring practices consistent with CHED and PRC requirements.
  13. Maintain regular program orientation/advising sessions.
  14. Incorporate learning-centered curriculum in the classroom.


School of Graduate Studies shall Endeavour to keep abreast with the best globally and to provide an excellent education that will conduct advance studies fields related to Master of Arts in Nursing and
Master of Arts Education programs.

To produce globally competitive research outputs which are internationally accepted in terms of
content, format and value by our School of Graduate Studies students and to train our students to be specialists in their own field particularly in nursing, teaching and other relevant aspects attuned with the institutional vision.

The School of Graduate Studies endeavors to prepare professional teachers and nurses in producing theses and research work relevant to the present times and in keeping abreast with the best globally.

The School of Graduate Studies endeavors to prepare professional teachers and nurses in producing theses and research work relevant to the present times and in keeping abreast with the best globally.

  1. To develop the highest quality education pursuant to the philosophy of producing intellectual scholars within the frame work of appropriate educational values.
  2. To provide comprehensive and practical approaches in acquiring competency in each subject areas.
  3. To further develop analytical and critical approach in handling research work.
  4. To further inculcate into the students about theoretical and practical applications of the teaching and nursing education.
  5. To further develop the attitude of competency, commitment and humanitarian concerns of the graduate school students.
  6. Prepare the students to be globally competitive in enhancing intellectual capabilities and skills.
  7. Enhance competence in teaching and in management.
  8. Develop leaders in field of endeavour pursued in the school;
  9. Provide expertise as needed by the students contingent or college resources.


DCLC is one of the leading providers of TESDA Programs in the country.

To produce Service Oriented, Competent and Nationalistic skilled workers with positive work values.


  1. Increase training participation
  2. Improve training responsiveness and relevance
  3. Achieve effective training management
  4. To continuously provide quality and relevant skills development opportunities.
  5. To improve and strengthen the monitoring of TESDA program graduates.


To be one of the nation’s Center of Excellence in the Discipline of Computing.

To develop students to be successful, ethical, and effective problem-solvers and life-long learners who will contribute positively to the economic well-being of our nation and who are prepared to tackle complex 21st Century challenges.


  1. Students will acquire the up-to-date technical knowledge and develop the skills needed for a successful careers in the computing industry.
  2. Students will be able to effectively disseminate information and results using both oral and written communication.
  3. Students will be aware of ethical and social issues related to technology and recognize their impact.
  4. Students will be provided with up-to-date curricula suited for the fast changing world of technology.


The goals of the computer science department are to help students develop problem-solving skills, especially those required to analyze, design and implement solutions involving the use of a computer; provide a background in modern computing systems and the theoretical aspects of computer science; challenge students to consider the ethical and social impacts of technology, enabling them to take responsible action informed by a Christian world view; prepare students for continued learning in a rapidly changing discipline and to continue the development of effective and relevant curricula that prepare graduates for initial and career-long success.



By 2030 the DCLC College of Criminology will be the trend setter in the field of Criminology education in the Philippines and produce globally competent and efficient graduates that can surpass all challenges in the field of Criminal Justice.


To have autonomous status with the active support of the DCLC administration and stakeholders.
To be constant leading institution topping the PRC Criminology Board Examination.
To have a morally upright graduates equipped with professional competencies who are globally prepared for employment and setting the trends in criminological study.


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