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The Accounting Department’s vision is to satisfy the need of our clients by delivering prompt, accurate and customer friendly service.


The Accounting Department is committed to provide quality service to its client and to accurately and timely report the financial data to assist the administrators in the management of the institution’s resources.


  1. Disbursement/Payroll
  2. Procurement
  3. Collection/Cashiering
  4. Financial Reporting
  5. Budgeting



The Counseling, Career and Testing Center shall be a friendly environment providing guidance and assistance through its services.



To help students establish their intrapersonal / social skills and career enhancement in order to improve their academic capabilities molding them to become a well-adjusted individual.



A center that promotes the holistic development of students’ achievement, personal and social development, work place readiness and career awareness through counseling, testing and placement services.



  1. To provide facilities to help achieve the desired changes on the students / clients referred to by teachers/ students who come for personal counseling of their problems.
  2. To provide programs for the career development of Basic Education students and to prepare College students for employability.
  3. To improve personal effectiveness by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students through psychological tests. 



  • Counseling (Individual / Group)
  • Career & Placement Services
  • Testing (Profiling)
  • Information Services



To utilize the intellectual, technological, and administrative resources of Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College for the generation and dissemination of new knowledge in the National Capital Region (NCR) and to become one of the international center for scientific, business, medical and educational activities.


The Center for Research and Development leads to facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative research bridging all areas with the highest research standards of the academe.

Commitment and Core Values

  1. Collaboration & Respect- Educational research is enhanced by cooperative efforts and shared use of available of mutual respect the hallmarks of a research environment.
  2. Academic Freedom & Intellectual Rigor- The meaningful pursuit of knowledge is possible only in atmosphere committed to the unfiltered experience, discussion, testing and proof (or disproof) of any idea.
  3. Integrity and Service- A commitment to knowledge, evidence, and truth guides the center’s activities and development. The spirit of service infuses all research activities.
  4. Active Learning and Discovery- All research activities should enhance student and teacher learning opportunities that maximize active engagement, benefit from the Center’s programs and lead to life-long learning.
  5. Leverage Technology- The center recognizes the profound implications of the digital age for knowledge-based institutions and is committed to being one of the leaders in the application of information technology in ways that transform the global enterprise in the field of research.
  6. Innovation and Empowerment- Continuous improvement in all aspects of the center commits itself to a climate of innovation and empowerment to overcome resource limitations and staffing adequacy.
  7. Accountability & Integrity- Donors, school officials, faculty and staff and students who support the center deserve to know that they are receiving maximum value for time and resources invested.
  8. Sustainability- Through its income generating systems, the center is committed not only to rely too much on the school management support but to other sources to augment and sustain the center’s programs and development projects.


The main goal of the Center for Research and Development of DCLC is to focus its researches in the juxtaposition of the medical sciences, internationalization of local education, political, environmental, socio-cultural, and maritime issues.


  1. To encourage the faculty, staff, and the students to have the competence and confidence in doing research
  2. To provide research forum and symposia for the sharing and review of research plans and outputs
  3. To have continuous publications of research outputs, research portal and sharing-exchange and interchange within the school/college community and with other research institutions
  4. To support school’s commitment to research excellence through its actions such as:
    1. development of a strong research culture,
    2. research agenda for the institution,
    3. research networking and collaboration,
    4. research publications which serve as vehicles for research dissemination, and utilization,
    5. research intensive promotions and information drives,
    6. providing opportunities to classroom-based research, and
    7. gathering of all research initiated outputs among all members of school community;
  5. To provide opportunities for faculty presentation of research outputs in national and international venues
  6. To build linkages with other research groups both nationally and internationally.


  1. Formulation of Research Agenda
  2. Conducting of Research
  3. Publication of Research


The Health Services Department of DCLC aims:

  1. To establish that all new incoming students of the school in their respective year levels or chosen program courses are in their optimum health through a mandatory pre-enrollment medical examination before the start of the school year or semester.
  2. To ensure that all college students are in optimum health and physically fit at least a month before undergoing internship or training in their respective courses.
  3. To ensure that all new employees are fit to undergo the demands of their work through verification of submitted pre-employment medical examination results at least two(2) weeks prior to the start of their work.
  4. To promote health and wellness to the different school departments through health education and health related activities all throughout the school year in line with health activities and programs enforced by the Department of Health or deemed necessary by the department itself.

VISION : To provide holistic primary health care to the students and employees of DCLC in order to maintain their health in optimum condition for learning and rendering quality services respectively.

MISSION: To establish a healthy DCLC environment conducive for learning and working by addressing health concerns and engaging in activities and programs what will further promote and improve the health and well-being of the school community.


  1. Student Consultation
  2. Issuance of Medical Clearance
  3. First-Aid Assistance



  1. To support the curricular, instructional and research needs of the college.
  2. To provide the information resources needs to the right clients at the right time.


  1. To serve all the students, faculty members, staff and administrators of DCLC as well as qualified outside users through quality readers’ services, user education and instruction.
  2. To provide a conducive place and appropriate facilities for learning.
  3. To continuously acquire information, reference and research resources and allow its maximum use through manual and automated access.
  4. To provide quality service to the College community and to periodically evaluate its performance for continuous improvement.
  5. To continuously become relevant to current library practices through active participation in various staff development programs provided within and outside the school.
    To enhance library programs and services through networking and linkages with other Libraries and library related organizations.

The Library Services Department aims to be one of the essential partners of the institution in providing quality education by being the information, research, learning and multimedia research center of the school.

To provide quality services through provision of various library materials and resources most appropriate and relevant to the school community members.

The library provides materials and resources for information, intellectual development, and enrichment and entertainment of the researchers both inside and outside the institution. The library should exert effort to:

  1. Select, organize and, make available necessary books and materials.
  2. Provide guidance and assistance to patrons.
  3. Develop and provide services to patrons with special needs.
  4. Maintain a balance in its service to patrons of all age groups.
  5. Provide service during hours, which best meet, the needs of the college, including weekend hours.
  6. Regularly review library services being offered.


  1. Collection Development
  2. Circulation Services
  3. Technical Services
  4. Reference and Reader Guidance



To be a hub of excellence in student services in providing student assistance and satisfaction both on academic and non academic needs of the students.


Office of Student Affairs and Community Services foster holistic student development by assisting, engaging and involving students in learning opportunities that enhance their personal, social, cultural, moral, physical and cognitive growth.


The Office of Students Affairs and Community Services commits itself to become an excellent student servicing unit in addressing student concerns and providing satisfaction through fostering holistic student development programs both in co-curricular and extracurricular activities; and to champion the Community Extension Services by building better communities and improving quality of life through vocational-livelihood programs relevant to our adopted community that will help them towards becoming a self-dependent community


  1. To improve/ensure coordination of school activities and events involving students.
  2. To assess and respond to changing student needs and perspectives.
  3. To provide relevant student activities, to form Lantinians who are globally competitive
  4. To strengthen the values of volunteerism, compassion for others and concern for the environment.
  5. To promote discipline among students inside and outside the classroom and whenever, wherever necessary to protect the name of the institution.

Core Processes (Office of Student Affairs)

  1. Student Organization Activity
  2. Student Policies and Disciplinary Actions
  3. Complaints Processes
  4. Students with Special Concerns LGBT / PWD
  5. Scholarship Programs
  6. Relevance to Student Concerns
  7. Monitoring Customer Satisfaction


  1. AdoptingCommunities and Creating Linkages
  2. Providing Assistance on Vocational-Livelihood Projects
  3. Providing Community Involment/Engagement of DCLC Community



Through continuous development, the Property Management and General Services Department (PMGSD) will provide quality services in keeping all equipment, facilities and structure in good working condition conducive for working and learning.


PMGSD commits itself to continuously maintain all equipment and in good condition to provide a safe and secure environment for its students, employees and stakeholders.


  1. To comply its Mission & Vision, PMGSD commits to provide the utmost services in the maintenance, cleanliness and orderliness of the workplace.
  2. To perform housekeeping standards to facilitate conducive learning environment.
  3. To safe keep accurate records of all property & inventories of the school’s facilities & equipment.
  4. To maintain all equipment in good working condition.

Services –

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Safekeeping of Supplies, Tools and Equipment



  1. Support the college’s quest towards achieving its mission and strategic objectives.
  2. Provide support and guidance to all departments/offices in enhancing quality culture concepts and standards.
  3. Monitor and evaluate the efficacy of services rendered by the departments/offices to their customers.


  1. Internal Quality Audit
  2. Management Review
  3. Control of Management of Change
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance and Effectiveness of QMS
  5. Document Control


Security Department shall maintain the peace and order, safety and security of the clients, stability of the institution and shall abide faithfully and conscientiously by the code of discipline to serve to its best as entrusted to uphold in alignment with the institutional vision.


To be able to contribute to the highest degree of security professionalism, to protect the image of the institution being served and the satisfaction of the clienteles in alignment with the institutional mission.


  1. Carry out aggressive orientation to Outsourced Security Personnel to keep and maintain an orderly and safety campus.
  2. Implement the standardized general principles of right conduct, character, intention and social relations.
  3. Ensures an appropriate training for Outsourced Security Personnel mandated under the Republic Act 5487 known as Security Agency Law.


  1. Deploy sufficient number of well-equipped and well-trained Security Personnel that shall protect the lives and properties of the institution and clients.
  2. Encourage Security Personnel to use positive approach in executing security tasks that shall promote a peaceful and safety educational environment.
  3. Manifest security alertness and readiness to any unpleasant or formidable situation by intruders/strangers acting violently thus, active monitoring and surveillance is performed.
  4. Consistent implementation and monitoring of the security protocol.


  1. Patrolling and Monitoring Premises
  2. Security Maintenance


To fulfill its vision and mission, the SRRMO has the following six goals, with corresponding

Goal 1.Provide high-quality services to all members of the DCLC academic community in an effective, efficient, and timely manner.

Objective of Goal1
1.1. Ensure the availability and accessibility of related forms and documents to facilitate the successful completion of desired and intended processes.

1.2. Provide administrative and logistical support to students throughout their academic careers, from registration to graduation.

1.3. Provide timely responses to inquiries and requests for information by setting and adhering to time tables, work schedules, and deadlines.

1.4. Conduct continual assessment of services by soliciting periodic verbal or written feedback from stakeholders.

Goal 2.Implement consistent and fair departmental policies and regulations .

Objective of Goal 2
2.1. Disseminate policies and regulations to the DCLC academic community through postings within the school, at the school website, and other mediums.

2.2 Orient all SRRMO staff on the policies, regulations, and standard operating procedures or work instructions of the department.

Goal 3.Ensure compliance of institutional policies, regulations, and standards as well as
those set and prescribed by government agencies (e.g., CHED, TESDA) and other external agencies (e.g., accrediting bodies).

Objective of Goal 3

3.1. Keep abreast with up-to-date information relevant to the operations of the department through periodic checking of newly-released memoranda, orders, codes, bills, etc. from government and other external agencies.

Goal 4.Maintain and ensure the accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of all student records and other files/documents entrusted to the department.

Objective of Goal 4

4.1 Check all records, data, and information prior to release, filing, or archiving.

4.2. Maintain a comprehensive and secure filing and archiving system.

4.3. Conduct verification of documents and credentials received from enrollees and transferees.

4.4. Ensure the proper turnover or release of documents, records, or credentials to the requesting student or his/her authorized representative.
4.5. Establish boundaries of accountability by restricting access of material and electronic records to the appropriate staff-in-charge.

Goal 5.Foster a positive working relationship with all stakeholders of the College, including the students, the graduates/alumni, the faculty, all other personnel of the College, the community, other HEIs, government agencies, and other institutions.

Objective of Goal 5

5.1. Collaborate with the academic departments in curricular matters.

5.2. Provide support to faculty, staff, and students in matters concerning the functions of the department.

5.3. Provide individualized attention in resolving issues.


  1. Student Admission
  2. Student Registration and Enrolment
  3. Graduation


To meet and exceed customer expectation and contribute to the success of the institution through the provision of wide variety of electronic audio-visual and interactive resources.

To continually develop and improve services through innovations by taking positive action to maintain customer satisfaction.

To exceed customer expectations through the provision of timely, consistently good quality and professional technical support and services.

To continually develop and improve services TMS in maintaining high level of customer satisfaction the department commits to:

  1. Render quality of services and good performance.
  2. Demonstrate respect and Integrity to clients and customers.
  3. Continually develop and improve services and processes.
  4. Deliver a proactive, knowledgeable and reliable service and advice and support for centrally provided IT services.

Services Offered

  • Computer Repair and Maintenance
  • Software Installation and System Development and Maintenance
  • Identification Card Production and data management
  • WIFI account management and Maintenance
  • Design Marketing materials
  • Telephone Management


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